Gem Elixirs and electromagnetic pollution

Epidemiological studies
Studies by independent scientists and doctors all lead to the conclusion that there is a correlation between the exposure of living beings to electromagnetic fields and the dysfunction of vital organs.

Electromagnetic fields and living beings
Electromagnetic fields have a major influence on living beings. They act on our body components (atoms and molecules), on the peripheral nervous system (nerves, spinal cord...) and the central nervous system (brain).

- Effect of artificial electromagnetic fields
Artificial electromagnetic fields are produced by all devices that use electricity. The fields can be larger or smaller, and so have a greater or smaller effect on living matter.  Nevertheless, they are all considered to be aggressive and stress-inducing. They tire the body and wear the cells.

Saturated electromagnetic environment
Electric and magnetic fields create currents in our body which interfere with the body's currents, and can cause disastrous biological effects that have major repercussions on health.

Electric fields
Very dangerous: high voltage cables
Dangerous: electric cables, extensions, power cables, ungrounded electrical devices placed in an electromagnetic field.
Magnetic fields
Very dangerous: high voltage cables, relay antennas.
Dangerous: electric cables, electrical appliances, TV, hi-fi, fluorescent tubes and halogen lamps, radio alarms, video screens, convectors, electric meters, underfloor heating.

- Cell phones
They are extremely dangerous. A cell phone antenna is les than 10 cm from the brain, and the consequences are obvious.

- Microwave ovens
Not only do they generate very powerful electromagnetic fields, but also leaks from damaged joints can cause severe lesions, and microwaved food is dead food, because its polarity is reversed.

- Wireless connections and the vibratory frequency of water
Dangers and risks related to the frequency employed
One of the major worries of the general public is the resonant frequency of water, the main component of our bodies, which resonates at 2.45 GHz. This is within the wireless frequency range. It is worrying to think that these radiofrequencies create resonance, but the publication of results of serious studies is taking a very long time, as always seems to be the case, and as is the case for cell phones.  We believe that we should protect ourselves from this frequency to avoid problems in our cells.

How can I protect myself from electromagnetic pollution?
Taking magnetite elixir regularly protects you from electromagnetic damage.