grenat-1_resize5f7n8P6qQgL1UNew method of stimulating gem elixirs using the ANSIL bio-energy device.
This apparatus amplifies energy emitting the 7 colors of the sun's spectrum.

ANSIL elixirs, from crystal energy, energized water and organic silica, are a significant booster of substances used with them.

There are several stages in the production of elixirs. In each step is validated by visualizing the optimized energy potential with a Kirlian photo.
Crystal selection
Gems used to make elixirs and oils are uncut, not worked and subject to rigorous selection. These factors are important because uncut gems keep all their original vibratory properties, unlike worked gems.

Influence of the moon
The elixirs are made during specific phases of the moon for optimal results.

The homeopathic dilution used acts on all the energy levels (biofields) including the physical level.

The bioenergy device is derived from quantum medicine. It was created by Sylvie Crochet and Ange Jacques Séno.
It is an energy emitter/amplifier derived from light therapy, formology and crystal therapy, which emits the 7 colors of the sun's spectrum. The device contains gems cut in a particular way, which are amplified and specially programmed. Our device was built using the Golden Number.
The totally new procedure gives gem elixirs an exceptional vibratory rate, perfect information quality and amplifies their original powers.


This is a special camera that visualizes the aura of people, plants, gems, elixirs or other products.
We use the Kirlian camera after making each elixir to check that the energy potential has been increased after dynamizing and going through our bioenergy device. This ensures that we have excellent quality elixirs with very high energy value.

Before dynamizing

After dynamizing