Anti-stress gem elixirs



Stress is the body's emotional and biological reaction to an aggression.  This generates emotions that can destabilize our normal mental fluid, and so alter the way we behave in daily life.  Stress can be a friend (it stimulates us) or a foe (it paralyzes us). Stress causes neuroendocrine imbalances that can have a negative effect on the whole body.
You will find easy to use solutions for each cause or symptom of stress, thanks to gem elixirs.

Dosage: 21 day course of treatment. 30 drops each evening except Sundays
Causes and symptoms of stressGem elixirs
Severe anxietyGreen tourmaline, Aquamarine
Anxiety, baby bluesKunzite, quartz rose
Emotional shocksEmerald, Green tourmaline
UnemploymentRutilated quartz, Hemimorphite
ConcentrationCitrine, Rock crystal
Disappointment in loveGreen tourmaline, Rhodochrosite
Moving houseGarnet
DepressionKunzite,Green tourmaline
MourningGreen tourmaline, Zeolite
Difficulties at school or workCitrine, Rock crystal
EmotivenessRhodochrosite, Aquamarine
Exams,job interviewsChalcopyrite, Fluorite
Nervous fatigueSapphire, amethyst
Physical fatigueMagnetite, Garnet
Constant nibblingAquamarine, sapphire
IrritabilityLabradorite, Kunzite
MemoryCitrine, Rock crystal
MigraineRock crystal,Magnetite
MotivationChalcopyrite, Garnet
PalpitationsRhodochrosite, Kunzite
PanicSapphire, amazonite
Skin (eczema, herpes, psoriasis, shingles)Hemimorphite, Malachite
Fear of transportAmazonite, Kunzite
Permanent stressGreen tourmaline, Rhodochrosite
Over excitementSapphire, amethyst
Mental fatigueCitrine, Fluorite
Nerves before exams or publicappearances Chalcopyrite, Garnet
Excessive perspirationEmerald, Rock crystal
Digestive disordersZeolite, Citrine
WorkChalcopyrite, Citrine
MelancholyCitrine, Rock crystal