Chinese energy approach

Chinese energy approach: MERIDIANS

The volume and surface of the human body are covered with a complex network of energy lines or channels that are called meridians. This is like an electric circuit that carries the energy throughout the network.
Meridians are electromagnetic energy lines that carry vital energy. There are 12 main meridians that each belong to one organ. Each meridian acts on physical and mental health.

MeridiansPhysical problemsEmotional problems
LungsLung conditions, asthma.Anxiety, depression.
StomachDigestive problems, anorexia,tirednessBulimia, Stress.
Large intestineTendency to diarrhea,inflammatory episodes.Lack of autonomy, depression, possessiveness.
Spleen/PancreasDigestive disorders, loss of appetiteEgocentrism, stubbornness, grudge bearing
HeartHeart problems, chronic fatigueAnxiety,melancholy, depression.
Small intestineDifficulty digesting, anemia, migraine.Melancholy, depression, mental fatigue.
Bladder Anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, mental confusion.Bladder or prostate problemsAnxiety, nervousness, insomnia, mental confusion.
KidneysPoor blood circulation, backache.Chronic fatigue, hypersensitivity.
Pericardium Meridian.Cardiovascular conditions, blood circulation.Excess emotiveness, insomnia.
SanJiaoLoss of energy, problems with blood, digestion and genital-urinary systems.Mental fatigue, lack of stimulation.
Gall bladderExcess perspiration, difficult digestion, constipation, wind.
Emotiveness, shyness, insomnia.
LiverHeadaches, difficult digestion, hyperglycemia, liver disorders.Anger, excessive stubbornness, tendency to intolerance.
Governor VesselHeadaches, asthma, eczema, ENT problems.Overexcitement, depression.
Directing VesselGeneral tiredness, digestive, genital urinary systems, lungs.Depression, irresponsibility, not down to earth.

Meridian energy imbalance

Each meridian can have too much or too little energy.
These energy imbalances must be set right rapidly, because they can lead to physical or emotional problems. Gem elixirs provide this harmony.

Gem elixirs
MeridiansOveractive meridianUnderactive meridian
LungsAmethystRock crystal
Large intestineLapis-lazuliRock crystal
Small intestineGreen tourmalineZircon
Pericardium Meridian.AmethystGarnet
SanJiao ZirconRutilated quartzZircon
Gall bladderGarnetGreen tourmaline
Directing VesselRock crystalLapis-lazuli
Governor VesselAmethystGarnet

Stress and meridian imbalance

When a person feels stress, there is often an energy imbalance in the meridians. This prevents the mind and body from being in harmony.
These emotions are caused by the way we believe or interpret the events and/or scenarios that we are living through.
Taking gem elixirs helps rebalance each meridian, which then acts on certain emotions.

Emotions Meridians Gem elixir
Contempt, intolerance, prejudice.LungsRutilated quartz
Rigidness, guilt, depression, tendency to want to control everything.Large intestineAmethyst
Disappointment, tired of life.StomachGreen tourmaline
Lack of concentration, worry, melancholy.Spleen/PancreasCitrine
Anger,aggressiveness, grudge-bearing.HeartEmerald
Sadness,feeling of being abandoned.Small intestineKunzite.
Impatient, offended, traumatized, panicky.BladderLapis-lazuli
Fear, insecurity, unfaithfulness.KidneysZéolite
Jealousy, regret, sexual tension.Pericardium Meridian.Garnet
Depression, anxiety, distracted, irresponsible.SanJiaoZircon
Rancor, resentment, not feeling free to choose.Gall bladderFluorite
Anger, revolt.LiverGreen tourmaline.

We recommend courses of 21 days shock treatment for all these malfunctions.