How do elixirs work ?

Ion channels

Ion channels
Crystal elixirs are cell regenerators that act by emitting waves through the ion channels into the cell nucleus.  The energy exchange between the crystal elixirs and the cell is through resonance.

What are ion channels?
Ion channels are membrane pores that control the electric charges entering and leaving the cell. So channels react to electricity, which is what controls many bodily functions. The role of ion channels is to open and close the cell pores to modify the fluids inside the cell.

Through these channels, cells receive the waves from the gem elixir, which then harmonize the disturbed waves in the cell. So crystal act on health by an electrical action produced by the chemical elements of the crystal.


  • Centrioles have silicon in their center. They always come in pairs and are near the nucleus. They are used in cell division and thus in DNA multiplication.
  • Ion channels are specific to each oligoelement. The channel opens when the cell needs this element, and closes when it no longer needs it.

The 9 areas of action of crystal elixirs

Action on emotions
When we permanently think negative thoughts, this creates en energy dysfunction that the elixir rebalances by acting on our psyche. 

Action on physical states
Crystal elixirs strengthen the energy of our physical body. They get to the root of the problem to remove it in the form of energy.


1.  Homeopathic action
The Hahnemann dilution used acts on all the energy levels (biofields) including the physical level.

2.  Avant-garde oligotherapy
Crystal elixirs use vibrational waves to supply the vital oligoelements your body needs. This can be called energy oligotherapy. The elixirs act on the appropriate ion channels. They send information inside the cell to provide it with the component it needs for correct metabolism.

3.  Action by colour
Crystal elixirs send their chromatic waves throughout the whole energy system. So each time you take the elixir, your body records the mineral's chromatic wave. 

4.  Enzyme action
Certain enzymes are vital for our bodies to be able to activate the chemical reactions they need. Without these enzymes, physiological reactions can't happen, and that leads to disease.
- Gem elixirs taken under the tongue allow the enzyme reaction to take place.
- When the elixirs are applied directly on the skin and on the specific energy points, they pass on their properties by enzyme reaction through the skin.  They diffuse infinitely small doses of minerals,  copper, lithium, silicon, etc. 

5.  Dechelating action
Research in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and France has shown that some elixirs have a dechelating effect. More and more often these days, our lifestyle, food, chemical processing, pollution etc. create a blockage called "chelation". Dechelation is a very effective therapeutic tool for detoxifying the body.

6.  Action on the vibrational frequencies of the human body
From the vibrational point of view, gem elixirs are special in that they act on all the auric bodies. The elixirs act particularly on the etheric body, which guards against attacks from the outside, and must be strong enough to be protected from physical diseases. The elixirs also act on the emotional and mental bodies where they eliminate emotions which have remained imprinted.

7.  Purifying action
Gem elixirs attack the energies that unbalance the energy system and stop us progressing on our true path in life. They have a soothing and corrective action.

8.  Stimulating action
Gem elixirs stimulate our self-healing energy. They stimulate the body's immune system and the "Inner Master" psychological defense. 

9.  Harmonizing action
Crystal elixirs bring harmony to our energy system. They act like vitamins and other food complements, strengthening the body and making it healthy. Elixirs give you the equilibrium you need so that you can progress along your chosen path and succeed in your quest for a healthy mind and body.