Who Are We?

The 2 founders


Research and development of biological products

One of the activities of Ansil is to finance a bioenergy research, information and training center: creating a cell culture laboratory for plant selection, for producing the most effective essential oils.

The research part produces biological products (plants and crystals).
She works on vibratory energy and specializes in wave detection with the De Lecher Antenna, the Kirlian camera and the Geobiolis energy tester.
She supervises the scientific parts of Ange-Jacques Séno's books.

She worked for 5 years with Prof. Beljanski (the founder of biomedicine) and co-signed 7 scientific publications with him in international journals. She took part in research on the action of the MORA device (bioresonance) on cell cultures which led to the publication of scientific articles in collaboration with J-M Danze, a MORA and biophysics specialist.

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M. BeljanskiI, S. Crochet, "Differential effects of ferritin, calcium, zinc and gallic acid on in vitro proliferation of human glioblastoma cells and normal astrocytes ". J. Lab. Clin. Med. 123:547-555, 1994.


Sylvie Crochet is a biologist.

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