Ayurvedic approach


These are the basis of the five thousand year old Ayurvedic medicine. There are 7 major chakras, situated in a line along the back bone. Other medicines recognize them in different ways: in China, they have been included in acupuncture; in the West, they correspond to plexuses, networks of nerves and vessels, the best known of which is the solar plexus.

Decoding diseases

Chakras (energy centers) are a way of decoding the body's aches and pains. They trace the physical problem back to the emotion that created it, which is often deeply buried. Each chakra (energy center) is in close relationship with an endocrine gland. And the whole body is controlled and regulated by the endocrine system. By rebalancing the chakras (energy centers), many physical and emotional problems can be substantially improved.

ChakraGlandPhysical disordersEmotional disorders
RootAdrenalProblems with muscles, kidneys, skin, blood, bones, obesity.Nervous disorders, apathy, lack of reality, emotiveness.
SacralGonadsGenital and urinary, blood and lymph disorders.Insensitivity, shyness, anxiety, impotence, frigidity.
NavelPancreasDigestive and immune system disorders, diabetes, obesity.Egocentrism, nervousness, stress, irritability, depression.
HeartThymusHeart, blood, lung, skin, immune disorders.Stress, emotional excesses, depression, fear of love.
ThroatThyroidENT and digestive disorders, thyroid problems.Difficulty expressing oneself, character disorders, compulsive lying.
3rd eyePituitary glandEndocrine disorders. Severe conditions, psychomotor problems.Egocentrism, lack of concentration.
CrownPinealPsychomotor problems, headaches, skin problems.Lack of reality, disconnected from reality, excess mysticism.

Achieving balance

It is vital for chakras to be balanced. A hyperactive energy center has adverse effects on physical and mental health. If a chakra is in a weak state, the energy is too low for it to function correctly, and disturbances occur. The right balance has to be found.

Ayurvedic approach
How gem elixirs work to balance the chakras
Gem elixirs are rebalancing agents for chakras. They work holistically on the physical and emotional levels. By rebalancing the chakras, many physical and emotional problems can be substantially improved.

 Gem elixirs
ChakrasUnderactive chakraOveractive chakra
RootGarnet, Black tourmalineSapphire, Lapis-Lazuli
SacralCitrine, Barite, Rutilated QuartzAquamarine, Amazonite
NavelChalcopyrite, CitrineAmethyst, Lapis-lazuli
HeartEmerald, Green tourmalineSapphire, Rose quartz
ThroatAmethyst, Lapis-lazuliChalcopyrite, Citrine
3rd eyeAmethyst, Lapis-lazuliChalcopyrite, Rock crystal
CrownCitrine, Rock crystalAmethyst, Lapis-lazuli