Crystal Oils

Since time immemorial, people have been concerned about caring for their skin and the benefits of massage. In their wisdom, the Indians and the Chinese have understood that the skin is a vital organ that needs all our attention and respect. The quality of the skin shows how healthy we are – after all, we talk about a healthy glow.
Touching our skin leads to a better understanding of our sensitivity and we get real physical and psychological benefits from being touched. Massage is a real sharing experience, an inner dialogue, an inventory of our whole body.
Little by little, we learn to know ourselves better, and recognise our physique which we build up day by day. When we understand ourselves better, we start accepting the world around us better, something that's often hard to do.

Energy Balance with the Crystal Oils

Energy balancing consists in applying crystal oil to make the energy circulate, to harmonize the chakras and meridians, which rebalances the mind and body. This energy then dissolves the blockages in the energy system which cause many of our current or past physical and/or psychological problems, and can prevent disease. Energy balancing with crystal oils helps evacuate stress and deep, repressed emotions. You are advised to use rock crystal elixir in combination with crystal oils. The elixir potentiates the effect of the crystal oils.