Lithotherapy or stone therapy is relatively simple to apply and is very effective.
It uses the trace elements that make up the crystals on the one hand and the waves emitted by the stones on the other. These waves are energies on an organic, mental and emotional level.

This discipline has a prestigious past. First of all, the care by the stones can be found in the East since the beginnings of Medicine.
In China, crushed stones were given to patients to absorb. Ancient documents show that in this Traditional Taoist Medicine, each meridian, these corridors of energy, was in harmony with a particular stone.
In India, doctors considered that stones had a great influence not only on the physical health of their patients, but also on their psyche and even on their destiny.

Here in the West, Saint Hildegard of Bingen reveals the properties of many stones.
Today we know from scientific experience forged over the last hundred years all the many properties of crystals. Their vibratory dimension is no longer to be demonstrated and is widely used in modern technology.
Man is both a transmitter and a receiver of waves. When he enters in resonance, in harmony, with a crystal, a therapeutic effect can take place.
In fact, many pieces of jewellery have been manufactured to rectify disturbed energies. Isn't it curious that each individual has a particular taste in stones. Choosing a piece of jewellery, whether simple or precious, is always an exercise in which each person gives free rein to his or her intuition and sensitivity?

Thus stones have properties that act on our senses because gems are composed of minerals identical to those contained in our body.
They act by the colour they emit: vibratory and chromatic waves. The colour vibrations that are emitted are not negligible energies for physical and psychological balance. The energy of colour has a strong effect on sensitivity, it even conditions physiological functions. 
The stones worn in jewellery transmit their properties when in contact with
the epidermis by enzymatic reactions. They diffuse elements such as copper, lithium, silicon, etc. in infinitesimal doses. It is obvious that the crystal elixir absorbed can induce very interesting results on the different parts of the body. 
Finally, quartz acts by pyroelectricity and piezoelectricity.
Crystals transmit their energy to us to restore our ionic balance (positive and negative ions).
The meeting of mineral and human energies is obvious and scientifically recognised.