Preparing crystal oils

The 7 crystal oils:
  • Amethyst,
  • Chalcopyrite,
  • Citrine,
  • Rock crystal,
  • Emerald,
  • Garnet,
  • Lapis-lazuli

Energy approach of crystal oils to the plexuses and meridians.
The 7 crystal oils, based on jojoba oil and organic hazel nut oil, are carefully prepared following eastern and western traditions. Crystal oils are balancing agents; they act holistically at the physical and mental level. In rebalancing energy system, many physical and psychological problems can be much improved.
Crystal selection
Gems used to make oils are uncut, not worked and subject to rigorous selection. These factors are important because uncut gems keep all their original vibratory properties, unlike worked gems.


Influence of the moon
Each oil is made during a specific phase of the moon for optimal results.
Energizing new crystal oils
New method of crystal oil stimulation using the ANSIL bio-energy device. This apparatus amplifies energy emitting the 7 colors of the sun’s spectrum. The procedure gives crystal oils perfect information and amplifies their original powers. In addition, it potentiates the amount of assimilation and action of each oil.