Gem elixirs and sleep problems



Gem elixirs help to give you refreshing sleep
Elixirs and sleep
There are two main categories of sleep disorders, and two specific types of elixirs that treat them:
  • difficulties falling asleep,
  • waking up in the night.
Elixirs for difficulties falling asleep are:
  • Labradorite Elixir
  • Lapis-lazuli Elixir
  • Kunzite Elixir
Elixirs for waking in the night are:
  • Rhodochrosite Elixir
  • Emerald Elixir,
  • Amethyst Elixir.

Dosage: 21 day course of treatment. 30 drops each evening except Sundays. Repeat if necessary.


Gem elixirs ans sleep problems

Sleep is vital, it helps us recover from physical and nervous fatigue accumulated during the daytime. So it is essential for good quality of life and for physical health. Sleep is the major factor of our equilibrium. If our body is deprived of sleep for a period, it loses some of its physical and intellectual capacity.

The main causes of insomnia 
As well as poor diet, general fatigue, lack of exercise, etc., causes may be medical: hypothyroid (frequent in women), kidney problems and infection, anemia, depression, diabetes. Other conditions can also cause insomnia.

Some causes of insomnia :
  • A poorly balanced diet can cause insomnia,
  • Depression, often resulting in waking too early, and sometimes impossibility of going back to sleep. Apart from sleep problems, people become moody, and have difficulty motivating themselves to do even things they usually enjoy.
  • Anxiety, which makes it difficult to fall asleep, and makes you wake up in the night. There are often physical signs of anxiety: excessive perspiration, lump in the throat, dizzy feeling, dry mouth...
  • Stress: some work or family situations create painful tension, which disappears when we get away (sleeping better on holiday, for example, for professional stress).
  • Psychophysiological insomnia affects people who are very worried about their sleep. They think about it during the day, and in the evening, and are anxious about going to bed. They go to bed thinking negative thoughts "I'm not going to be able to sleep", which obviously stops them sleeping. It's as if people are negatively conditioning their sleep patterns.