Elixir-botanical bud complexes

Energy-based therapies, which have been used since the dawn of time, provide effective solutions for patients.  If we take a closer look at the history of medicine – or rather, of medical practitioners – throughout the world, we can see that each of them used different techniques.
Within the energy-based domain, we have decided to focus on two therapies which seem particularly promising, but are not yet widely used in France.  They are interesting, first of all, because of their dynamic effectiveness, and, additionally, due to their natural origin and ease of use.  Here, we are referring to lithotherapy (stone/crystal healing) and gemmotherapy (a branch of herbal medicine). 
It can be said that human beings possess a physical body brought to life by energy.  It is therefore reasonable to conclude that, for a remedy to be truly effective, it must act on both of these levels.
  • Impact on the physical aspect, through its active ingredients, in other words, through the substances it contains which have unique properties. 
  • Energy-based impact, through its capacity to regulate, stimulate, or, conversely, restrain the body’s energy.
These are the two main therapeutic benefits that lithotherapy and gemmotherapy provide.
Gemmotherapy definitely fits the bill in terms of dual effectiveness.  It offers specific, physical healing through the active ingredients contained within young plant buds and shoots, natural chemical elements that have real therapeutic power.  Also, energy-based healing, based on the young, fresh plant water.
This water straight from the ground has been transformed by the plant into sap which irrigates it.  Within its intermolecular structure, this water has stored essential elements which it can then transfer to whomever consumes it.  It has become a “carrier” for a specific type of energy.
The plant, therefore, also carries two types of energy.  Leaving one component aside thus means missing out on a crucial part of its healing potential.  With this in mind, it is essential that both this sap, this water, as well as all of the inter and intra-cellular liquid within the plant, are preserved from the moment of harvest to that of use by the patient.
To maintain its full therapeutic potential, the bud or shoot must never be frozen, heated, nor bruised by crushing.
This way, the plant here and the fresh bud full of springtime’s first juices, a season that is so fundamentally strong and charged with the energetic signal of nature’s reawakening, a signal perfectly captured each year by the botanical world, this bud will carry a two-fold message: physical and energetic.
 Lithotherapy, or therapy using stones, is relatively simple to practice, and turns out to be truly effective.  It acts on the body through, on the one hand, the trace minerals that make up the crystals, and, on the other, the energetic vibrations emitted by these stones.  These vibrations are full of energy, as much on the organic level as on the mental and emotional levels.   
This field has a prestigious history.  First, we find stone healing in the Orient, from the very inception of Medicine.
In China, crushed stones were prescribed for ingestion by patients.  Ancient texts show that, within Traditional Taoist Medicine, each meridian, or energy channel, was in harmony with a particular stone.
In India, medical practitioners considered stones as having a major influence not only on the physical health of their patients, but also on their mental states, and even their future prospects.
Closer to home, here in the West, Saint Hildegarde von Bingen revealed the properties of numerous stones.
Today, we know, through the scientific experience of these last hundred years, about the whole variety of properties that crystals contain.  Their vibrational aspect is indisputable, and is widely used in modern technology.
Humans are both transmitters and receivers of vibrations.  Once a person resonates and is in harmony with a crystal, a therapeutic effect can take place.
In fact, we can see that a great amount of jewelry has been made just to correct disturbed energetic fields.  Isn’t it interesting how each person has specific tastes in terms of stones they are drawn to?  Selecting a piece of jewelry, whether it’s something simple or something more precious, is always an intuitive, truly personal process.
And so, stones have properties that affect our senses, because gems are made up of minerals that are identical to those found in our bodies.
  • They work through the color they transmit: chromatic vibratory waves.  The color vibrations transmitted are considerable sources of energy for maintaining physical and psychological balance.  Color energy works strongly on sensitivities, and it even influences physiological functions. 
  • Stones worn as jewelry transfer their properties through contact with the skin, via enzymatic reactions.  They diffuse tiny doses of elements such as copper, lithium, silicon, etc…It is clear that absorbed crystal elixirs can generate truly significant results on different parts of the body.
  • And last, but not least, quartz works using pyroelectric and piezoelectric effects.
Crystals transfer their energy to us in order to reestablish our ionic balance (positive and negative ions).  This convergence between mineral and human energies is clear and scientifically recognized.
Combined Gemmotherapy/Lithotherapy: How could we not investigate a combined approach for these two therapies?  They share so many factors:
  • Both come from the earth
  • Remedies prepared and used in both make use of traditional techniques where respect for quality and the integrity of founding strains are paramount, as well as the conscientiousness of the formulator.
  • They both use very small doses that nevertheless provide remarkable effectiveness.
  • Their quality of preservation under optimal conditions (away from a light source and at a temperature of 15 to 25°C) is excellent.
  • No side effects have been noted.
All of these observations have guided us in our creation of 14 complexes which, on a day-to-day basis, have proven the validity and the merits of this approach.
Therefore, we have combined three glycerine macerates of concentrated buds or shoots with a crystal elixir.

Produits issus de l'agriculture biologique certifiée FR-BIO-01