Energy therapies that have been used since the dawn of time provide effective solutions for patients. If we look at the history of medicine - we should say doctors - throughout the world, we discover that they each applied different techniques.
In this energetic context, we have selected two that we find particularly interesting, and still little developed at home. Interesting firstly for their dynamic action and secondly for their natural sources and the simplicity of their application.

These are lithotherapy and gemmotherapy, a branch of phytotherapy. 
It can be said that man has a material body animated by energy. It is therefore reasonable to think that for a remedy to have a truly complete action, it must act on both these levels.
Material action by its active principles, that is to say by the substances it brings and which have an activity of their own. 
Energetic action by its ability to intervene by regulating, stimulating or on the contrary slowing down its energy balance.
These are the two therapeutic effects that lithotherapy and gemmotherapy have.
The crystals transmit their energy to us to restore our ionic balance (positive and negative ions).
The meeting of mineral and human energies is obvious and scientifically recognised.