A word of explanation about lithotherapy, gem elixirs and oils
We all want to look after our health. Gem elixirs are vibratory substances that act as catalysts for our physical and mental well-being. 

This therapy using mineral elixirs was developed based on holistic Ayurveda and Chinese Energy Medicine techniques. Lithotherapy began life in India and China. So whatever approach suits you best, you will find the right energy solutions for all situations. 

Mineral elixirs are based on scientific lithotherapy.
The scientific lithotherapy approach consists of looking carefully at the similarities between the compounds in rocks and crystals, and the chemical molecules in the drugs used in medicine for certain diseases. This is done for each symptom. 

Lithotherapy is the use of the energy emitted by minerals for healing purposes. In lithotherapy, the vibrations produced can only reach targets that are on the same wavelength. This means that there is absolutely no danger in lithotherapy. 

Over the last few years, scientists who are prepared to try different approaches for healing have studied gem elixirs, and decided that they are some of the most precious remedies that nature has to offer. 

Gem elixirs have such a wide range of influence that they form a complete branch of holistic medicine, acting on the different energy bodies (biofields), chakras, meridians, and on our psyche and emotional state. Gem elixirs protect and strengthen the whole energy system.

Whatever your special needs, desires and expectations, you will find the right crystal and mineral elixirs for you.

How does lithotherapy work ?

Gems and crystals have properties that act on our senses because they are made up of minerals that are identical to the minerals in our bodies. Scientists have shown that crystals and minerals exist in our bodies.

1) Lithotherapy
acts by the colors emitted, colored vibrational waves. The energy of the color has a strong action on our senses, and on physiological functions.
2) Lithotherapy
acts by enzyme reactions: gems in contact with the skin transmit their properties through enzyme reactions. They diffuse infinitely small doses of minerals, copper, lithium, silicon, etc. (like the principle of homeopathy).

3) Lithotherapy
acts by piezo-electricity: a quartz necklace creates a frequency phenomenon around the neck that regulates nerve influxes, removing stress and inflammation problems.

Energy encounter

Humans and Crystals

The crystal structure of rock crystal means that it generates an angle of 51° 31', which is similar to the angle between the double helixes of our DNA in the cell nucleus.  Crystals are vibratory entities, and these properties influence the magnetic fields of our bodies, their aura, consciousness and cell memory. 

Lithotherapy is the vibrational medicine of the 3rd millennium. Lithotherapy has been used for years in holistic clinics in Switzerland, Belgium and Germany. Much modern research has shown that crystals, and therefore lithotherapy, are essential allies for our physical and psychological well-being. 
Crystal energy vibrations counteract our own vibrations. It is obvious and scientifically recognized that mineral energies and human energies meet. Crystals are an open door offered to humans between the material and the immaterial, and lithotherapy is the key to open the door. 

All the gems that are still buried under the earth's crust continue to vibrate with energy of the primeval fire.Crystals are purity and energy, because we now know that matter and energies are two expressions of the same thing, because matter is only a sort of condensed energy. So lithotherapy is vital for our well-being.