Fully meets this obligation of dual activity. It has a specific material activity due to the active principles contained in the young tissues, natural chemical elements with therapeutic power. And an energetic activity represented by the fresh plant water.

This water, which comes from the soil, has been transformed by the plant into the sap that bathes the plant. It is in its intermolecular arrangement that this water has stored the information that it is then able to transmit to those who consume it. It has become the "carrier" of a specific energy.

The plant therefore also has a double energetic power. To deprive oneself of one component is to deprive oneself of part of the possibility of healing. This being understood, it is imperative that this sap, this water, but also all the inter and intra-cellular water of the plant must be respected from the moment of collection to the moment of use by the patient.

In order to keep all its therapeutic potential, the buds or young shoots must never be frozen, nor heated, nor traumatised by crushing.
Thus the plant here and the fresh bud, all gorged with the first sap of spring, a season that is fundamentally strong and charged with the signal of the awakening of the earth, a signal captured wonderfully each year by the vegetation, this bud will be the bearer of a double message: material and energetic.

The use of bud macerates is part of phytotherapy. The therapeutic properties of bud macerates are no longer to be demonstrated. Their benefits and virtues have effects on the different systems of the body.

We have selected several bud concentrates: cranberry, glutinous alder, birch, blackcurrant, chestnut, rosehip, fig, juniper, raspberry, chestnut, hazelnut, walnut, poplar, rosemary, fir, sequoia, linden, vine.

The bud macerates can have virtues on the respiratory tract, on the immune system, on the menopause, on the blood circulation, on the articular system. Their properties can also act on emotional shocks and vital energy.

Blackcurrant buds are best known for their anti-inflammatory action.