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Lithotherapy is the ancestral art of connecting the energy of stones and crystals with the energy of the body and the spirit that Indian and Chinese medicines have been able to mobilise for the well-being, relaxation, meditation and protection of people.

Current scientific research recognises the essential role of minerals in the origins of life and has highlighted the presence of crystals in the body.
Composed of minerals identical to those contained in the human organism, stones thus act as real energy catalysts and are among the most precious substances that nature can offer us.

ANSIL, a complete range offering the energy of crystals to the harmony of body and mind.

ANSIL has made its own the ancestral knowledge of Ayurveda*, Chinese Energetics and current scientific knowledge to elaborate a complete range of elixirs and crystal oils offering energetic solutions to the great diversity of human situations :

25 crystal elixirs
7 crystal oils 
14 crystal-bud elixir complexes
Cristal of Life cosmetic line 

* In Sanskrit, "Ayvur" means life and "Veda" means science or knowledge.
Created by the Rishis, the Sages of classical India, Ayurveda can therefore be translated literally as "Knowledge of life or longevity".